1. Definitions

The Company:Awafi Company.

The App (the App): It is the software of the company (Awafi ) on various platforms (Android, IOS and Web), which enables the client to request medical service .


2. Contractual Relationship

Please read these terms carefully before obtaining or using the services.

Your access to and use of the services constitutes your agreement to be bound by these terms, which establishes a contractual relationship between you and Awafi . If you do not agree to these terms, you may not obtain or use the services. These terms specifically supersede any prior agreements or arrangements with you. Subject to compliance with applicable law, Awafi may immediately terminate these Terms or any of your services, or, in general, stopping the offer of services, preventing access thereto or any part thereof at any time and for any reason whatsoever, at Awafi’s discretion.

Some supplementary conditions may apply to certain services, such as policies for a specific event, activity, or promotion. These supplementary conditions related to the services provided will be disclosed to you. Supplementary conditions are added to the terms for the purposes of the services provided as and are considered a part thereof. The supplementary conditions prevail over these conditions in case of conflict with regard to the services provided.

Awafi may amend the conditions relating to the services from time to time. The modifications shall be effective upon publication of these updated terms by Awafi on this website or publish the amended policies or supplementary conditions related to the service provided. Your continued access to or use of the services after this publication constitutes your agreement to be bound by the terms as amended.

We collect and use personal data in connection with the services in accordance with what is stated in the Privacy Policy of Awafi which can be found at: https://Awafi.com/privacy-policy/

According to these terms and conditions, you confirm that you have read and accepted Awafi Privacy Policy and expressly agree to the provision of the information required by the company (including your contact information) to claims settlement companies or insurance companies in case of a complaint, dispute or disagreement, which may include an accident that occurs between you and an external service provider (including the driver of a company in the transport network), where this information or data is necessary for the settlement of the complaint, dispute or disagreement.

3. The License

Provided that you comply with these terms, Awafi grants you a limited, non-exclusive license that cannot be sublicensed. It cannot be transferred to another person and is revocable, in order to:

(1) Access and use applications on your personal device in connection with your use of the services only;

and (2) Access to any of the related content, information and materials that may be provided through the services and their use, and in all these cases the use is for personal, non-commercial use only. Awafi and its licensors reserve any rights not expressly granted in these Terms.

4. Restrictions

You may not:

(1) remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices from any part of the services;

or (2) reproduce or modify services, prepare derivative works therefrom, distribution, licensing, leasing, sale or resale or transfer its ownership, display it publicly, perform it publicly, broadcast it, circulate it, publish it or use it in any other way except as specifically permitted by Awafi ;

or (3) tampering with, reverse engineering or dismantling their blades, except as permitted by applicable law;

or (4) create a link to any part of the services or make duplicate copies of them or framing them;

or (5) Creating or causing the creation of any programs or scripts for the purpose of getting rid of, indexing or deleting any part of the services, using its data in another way, or unduly burdening or hindering the work and / or function of any aspect of the services;

or (6) Attempting to enter unauthorized access to the services or damage any of its aspects or any of the systems and networks related thereto.

5. Third-party Services and Content

Services may be provided or accessed in conjunction with third-party services and content (including advertising) which are not under the control of Awafi . You acknowledge that different terms of use and privacy policies may apply to your use of third-party services and content. Awafi does not endorse the services and content of third parties and is in no way responsible toward any of the products or services of external service providers. In addition, it is Apple, Google, or Microsoft Corporation Ltd and / or their respective subsidiaries and international subsidiaries are external beneficiaries of this contract if you access the services using the Apps specially designed for mobile devices running Apple iOS, Android or Microsoft Windows, respectively.

These external beneficiaries are not parties to this contract and are not responsible for providing or supporting services in any way. Your access to services using these devices is subject to the conditions stipulated in the applicable terms of service for the external beneficiary.


6.  Ownership

The services and all rights related to them remain the property of Awafi or its licensors. Neither these terms nor your use of the services give you any rights:

(1) In or in connection with the services other than the limited license granted above;

or (2) To use or refer in any way to company names, logos, product and service names, trademarks or service marks of Awafi or of its licensors.

7.  User Accounts

In order to use most aspects of the services, you must register in order to have an effective Personal Account for user services and maintain it (“the Account”). You must be at least 21 years old or to be in the legal age in your jurisdiction (if different from 21) in order for you to obtain an account. Account registration requires you to submit certain personal information to Awafi , such as your name, address, mobile phone number and age, plus at least one valid payment method (either a credit card or accepted payment partner). On your part, you agree to keep accurate, complete and up-to-date information in your account. Your failure to maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date information in your account, including the designation of an invalid or expired payment method, may indicate to your inability to access or use the services or Awafi’s termination of these Terms with you. You are responsible for all activities that occur in the name of your account. You also agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of your account username and password at all times. You are not entitled to have more than one account unless you are otherwise permitted by Awafi in writing.

8. User Requirements and Behavior

The service is not available for use by persons under the age of 21. You are not entitled to delegate the use of your account to outside parties. You also cannot allow people under the age of 21 to obtain transportation and logistics services from outside service providers unless they are with you. You may not assign your account or transfer its ownership to any other person or entity. On your part, you agree to comply with all applicable laws when using the services and you may only use them for lawful purposes (for example, not to transport illegal or dangerous materials). You may not, when using the services, cause harm, inconvenience, harassment or property damage, either to external service providers or any other parties. In some cases, you may be required to provide proof of identity to access or use the services. You agree that you may be denied access to or use of the Services if you refuse to provide proof of identity.

9. Text Messages

Once the account is created, you agree that the services may send you some informational text messages as part of the normal business context for your use of the Services.

 10. Payment

You understand that using the services may result in fees being charged to you in exchange for services or goods that you receive from an external service provider (“the fees”). After you receive services or goods obtained through your use of the service, you expressly agree under these terms and conditions that Awafi or its agent, with the collection contracted with him for this purpose, will facilitate the payment of applicable fees on behalf of the external service provider acting as the external service provider’s limited payment collection agent. Paying fees in this way is effective as if the payment was made directly by you to the external service provider. The fees will include applicable taxes as stipulated by law.

Without prejudice to applicable laws and regulations, all fees you pay are final and non-refundable, unless otherwise specified, Awafi . On your part, you reserve the right to request a fee reduction from an external service provider in exchange for the services and goods you received from him at the time you received these services and goods. Accordingly, Awafi will respond to any request from any external service provider to amend fees for a specific service or good.

All fees are due with immediate effect and the payment process is facilitated by Awafi using your preferred payment method specified in your account. Then Awafi or its agent will send you a collection contracted for this purpose, a receipt via e-mail. If the main payment method you set on your account is expired, invalid, or cannot be paid through, you agree that Awafi or its agent may collect contracted collection for this purpose, as it is the limited payment collection agent for the external service provider, use the secondary payment method in your account, if any.

As agreed between you and Awafi , and without prejudice to applicable laws and regulations, Awafi reserves the right to create, cancel and / or review fees for any or all of the services or goods obtained by using the Services at any time in Awafi’s sole discretion. Awafi will make reasonable effort to notify you of the fees that may apply to you provided that you are responsible for the fees incurred in your account regardless of your knowledge thereof or the amounts on this account.

Awafi may, from time to time, provide certain users with offers and promotional discounts which may result in varying amounts of payment for the same services or goods, or for similar services and goods. While using the services, you agree not to have these promotional offers and discounts – unless also available to you – in relation to your use of the services or fees charged to you. You may choose to cancel your order for services or goods provided by an external service provider at any time prior to the arrival of the external service provider, as in case of his arrival, you will be required to pay the cancellation fee.

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